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Preparing For Your Child’s First Visit

My name is Milwaukee and I am the leader of the Sugar Bug Gang. Dr. Christy, Dr. Alexis and Dr. Nicole think you can be an official Bug Buster but I’m not buying it!

They even said if you can bust my whole gang and fill up your Bug Buster Chart that she will give you a prize. All you have to do is print and mail in your completed chart with your prize choice. Looks like the fellas and I had better get busy with another new Bug Buster on our trail!

Print your chart, complete all four weeks of Bug Busting and full in your name and address.

sugar bug

Preparing For Your Child’s First Visit

Positive behavior modification can be an effective way to help in stopping an unwanted habit, like thumb sucking/pacifier use, or starting a desired habit like consistent tooth brushing.

Start with a small goal and when the child can complete that goal they can color in a square or place a sticker. With a pre-determined accumulation of small goals completed then you can reward your child with a bigger prize.

When children are rewarded for positive behavior, as opposed to punished for negative behavior, habit cessation can be more successfully achieved.

Remember that pacifier and thumb sucking habits are considered normal in infants and young children. We, along with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommend habit cessation by 36 months to prevent dental and skeletal issues in the future.